Since 1993

Who We Are

We are the Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation (RFTHF), a group of passionate Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owners seeking a positive impact on the growth and sustainability of our beloved breed.  Each of us on the Board is a Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owner or rider.  Our personal enjoyment of our breed varies, but our passion is the same.  The RFTHF, a 501c3 charity organization, was started "For the Love of our Breed."

Sustaining and Growing Our Breed

Our organization is committed to supporting our breed through the establishment of two funds:

  • Event Support Fund: This fund supports the establishment, growth or expansion of equine events that actively encourage or promote the involvement of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.
  • Equine Rescue Support Fund: This fund financially supports licensed, established equine rescues hosting registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses.

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Supporting Our Mission...

Funding for our efforts is supported through our charity events and through generous donations from people like you.  Money raised is split evenly between each of our funds unless specifically designated by the donor.  Learn more about our funds and how to support these efforts on the individual fund pages.