Foxtrot Urbane Pledges Support for Event Support Fund

Lisa Cantrell, the founder of Foxtrot Urbane, recently reached out to the Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation (RFTHF) with a very generous offer. Foxtrot Urbane has pledged to donate ten dollars of the horse enrollment and renewal fee to the RFTHF Event Support Fund. The donation will be in the name of the horse enrolled in their program.

Foxtrot Urbane was started to document and recognize the achievements of Missouri Fox Trotting Horses participating in a variety of equine events. “The Missouri Fox Trotter Horse is so versatile and we wanted a place to showcase and record all they can do with an official transcript. Now the horse can be seen by anyone in the world by going to the website and searching the horse,” shared Lisa. “ We have a super breed and are so excited to now be able to showcase and promote it. Partnering with the RFTHF made perfect sense and just joins the two organizations to promote the breed and make it even stronger.”

The RFTHF Event Support Fund will support the establishment, growth or expansion of equine events that actively encourage or promote the involvement of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. Applications to receive funding will be available by November 1, 2018, with approvals for funding starting January 2019. Those interested in learning more about the Event Support Fund should visit the RFTHF website at

More about Foxtrot Urbane
It is the purpose of Foxtrot Urbane to maintain records of accomplishments of horses throughout their lifetime. Foxtrot Urbane provides documentation, recognition, and credits of achievements. Keeping official documented credits with a transcript on horses in the Lifetime Achievement Credits program will be beneficial to those interested in owning, purchasing or selling horses.

Foxtrot Urbane provides documented proof of the horse’s achievements. Buyers can look for specific traits in the horse they are searching to buy and sellers have documentation that will go with the horse proven to the seller.

Learn more at Foxtrot Urbane and how to enroll your Missouri Fox Trotter at

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