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We were excited to announce the Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation during the 2018 Region 4 Fall Festival exhibitor’s party this past Saturday. The Region 4 Fall Festival has been blessed to have the support of the Kansas City Region Fox Trotting Horse Association and the St. Louis Regional Fox Trotters. Their support as the show’s host organizations has allowed the show to become a success. With the success of the show and the expectation that it would continue for the years to come, all involved agreed that this year was an ideal time to develop an organization that would permanently be responsible for the future of the Region 4 Fall Festival. In establishing this new organization the goal was to develop an organization with a broader vision than simply putting on a horse show. From the moment the Region 4 Fall Festival started, our objective has been to promote the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse and assist with the growth of our breed. This mission will be carried over into the Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation.

The Foundation’s mission is simple: to have a positive impact on the growth and sustainability of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. The Foundation will meet this mission in several ways. First, we will host charity events. The 2019 Region 4 Fall Festival will be held September 28, 2019, at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri. More information on this event can be found at Region4FallFestival.com or by finding the event on Facebook (@Region4FallFestival).

We are also pleased to announce our first charity trail ride. This event, named Trailgait, will combine the joy of trail riding with the family fun of a tailgate party. The event will include a trail ride scavenger hunt, clinics, cornhole tournament, silent auction, giveaways and more. We have partnered with Von Holten Ranch in Mora, Missouri to host this event July 19-21, 2019. More information about the event is available on the Foundation website or under events on the Foundation Facebook page.

Money raised through these events and other efforts will support two RFTHF Funds. The RFTHF Event Support Fund will support the establishment, growth or expansion of equine events that actively encourage or promote the involvement of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. This fund is our way of paying forward the generosity of the Kansas City Regional Fox Trotting Horse Association and the St. Louis Regional Fox Trotters who provided the seed money to start the Region 4 Fall Festival. Our hope is that this fund will be used to start or grow a variety of events throughout the United States. Applications to request support will be available November 1 with the approvals starting January 2019. Our second fund is the RFTHF Equine Rescue Fund. This fund will provide financial assistance to public agencies and 501c3 charitable groups caring for a registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses. We anticipate the Equine Rescue Fund will be available no later than August 2019.

The RFTHF Board of Directors is very excited about how this foundation can support our breed. We have been delighted at the response we have received since the initial announcement and look forward to supporting the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse through these efforts.

If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to visit our website to learn more about our mission, events, and funds (RFTHFoundation.org). The RFTHF can also be found on Facebook (@RFTHFoundation). From either page, you can sign up for our email newsletter. Newsletters will begin in November and will provide regular updates on the progress of the Foundation.

Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation
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