As horse owners, the RFTHF board members and volunteers feel a great commitment to supporting Missouri Fox Trotting Horses that find themselves in need of care.  Our RFTHF Equine Rescue Fund is designed to provide financial assistance to public agencies and 501c3 charitable groups caring for a registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses. This includes Missouri Fox Trotting Horses that are abandoned, removed due to legal intervention or otherwise surrendered to a public agency or charity.

To be eligible, the rescue must:

  • Be located in the United States
  • Have all applicable state licenses
  • Be a public agency or 501c3 Rescue Organization

In addition, the horse that funding is being requested for must be a registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.  Copies of the horse’s registration papers are required.

Rescues may submit requests for funding utilizing the form below.  Once all paperwork is completed, an initial support payment will be provided to assist the rescue with the care of the horse.

The RFTHF will also assist horse rescues in transferring the papers of a Missouri Fox Trotting Horse supported under this fund into the rescue’s name.  The RFTHF will cover the costs associated with transfer of ownership, DNA testing and corporate membership for the rescue.  Once the horse is adopted, the RFTHF will assist the adoptive owner in transferring the ownership of horse.

The RFTHF Equine Rescue Fund will launch mid-2019.

How can a public agency or charitable group obtain support?

A funding request should include the following materials:

  • Donation Request Application (coming soon)
  • Copy of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association registration papers
  • Requests may also include supplemental information for consideration

How much financial support is provided?

The amount of support is dependent upon the situation of the particular horse.  There is not a set amount of support.

When will the Rescue Fund be available?

Before launching the Rescue Fund we want to make sure we have a good start on the fundraising to make sure we have ample ability to support horses.  Our target is to have the Rescue Fund up and running by mid-2019; however, if fundraising occurs more rapidly, we will launch the fund as early as possible.

How can I help?

We would love you to join us in supporting the Rescue Fund.  Donations are appreciated and can be made specifically to the Rescue Fund.  We also appreciate help in getting information about the Foundation out to organizations that can be supported by the Rescue Fund.